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Sambong Future

Support a child now at RM87/ months for 12 months. 



Not every parents able to support / afford their children a laptop for their studies. Our economy is unable to proportionately stabilize the B40 families. Therefore, the cycle of higher learning would be a difficulty and they will always be stuck in this low income group.

01 Poor economic situation
02 Unable to pay for education resources
03 Incapable of creating a better future
In the past, donating an equipment or electronic devices, example like laptops to the donees faced 3 major problems.
- Donated devices are usually outdated in hardware & software. Students received a broken laptop that cannot use for their studies.
- There’s no after sales service & maintenance after donated. Equipments will soon be disposed.
- In the low income group, when the equipment device is no longer working or the low income group wanted the cash, they easily use equipment sell it to the 2nd hand store or online and convert for cash.
These resulting in couldn’t change the life cycle and it will be repeating the negative patterns. That’s how Sambong Future is formed and we wanted to giving out more to the society.
Donors able to select which donee they want to support for their learning journey in their school & home. After donee got their laptops, they able to seek for more knowledge and information in the internet.
Let all of us do something for our future generation in Malaysia. Support a child now !
You know some of the families are looking for a laptop for their children but they couldn’t afford on it? You got a groups of a students looking for a laptop? Hit us up and let us know how can we help. We are happy to assist and we want to do something for the future brilliant students.

You couldn't afford a laptop but need a laptop for your study? Fill the link below
Requirements: only students

☎️ Contact:
018-222 8899
Processor HP/DELL/LENOVO Intel Core i5
LCD Monitor Size 14” Screen
Contract Months 12 months
Misc 1 WIFI, AC, NEW Battery Win 7, Free Web Office
Misc 2 Unlimited Online Support / Back to Service Center for Free Service, Repair or Any Exchange.

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